Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Cookies and Coupons: Wine Wednesday trumps Taco Tuesday

Ehhh... not really.  But if you like wine, then you should stop by El Torito Grill on a Wednesday.  First of all, the Happy Hour (HH) is the latest one you can find.  It goes until 8pm every day, which is unheard of these days.  Go on Wednesday, and it's half off all bottles of wine.  The HH is pretty good too. #hh

My friend and I went last week and spent $30 total, including tip!  We got a bottle of wine, 5 street tacos (your choice of carnitas, chicken, beef, shrimp), a shrimp appetizer dish, and the usual chips/salsa and tortillas with butter.  Mmmmm I love this place.  Service could definitely be stepped up a few notches, but hey, you're only spending about $15 per person and you're full and seriously tipsy.  You can't even do that at home for $15! #cheapdate #wino

Let me clarify that this is El Torito GRILL, not El Torito.  Although, El Torito's HH goes until 8pm as well, but the food is not nearly as good.  AND they don't do the tortillas with butter which clearly is a make or break deal for me.  Whatevs, I take my Mexican food all food seriously.

PS... Don't judge me for not getting a margarita.  I looooove me some margaritas.  Trust me, it was a tough day trying to decide between the marg or the good deal.  That day, Asian trumped Mexican as I went with the vino. #gooddeal

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