Monday, November 19, 2012

Cookies: Burger Lounge aka Heaven

Ok, I know I said I'd give restaurant suggestions in the OC area... but I was in San Diego this past weekend and I can't not share my love for Burger Lounge.  Burger Lounge is also one of the few reasons I want to live in San Diego... it's that good.

The menu is simple.  You order a burger.  Regular or baby size.  Pick your patty: beef, chicken, veggie (it's like a quinoa and bean mix), or bison.  Being the carnivore that I am, I highly suggest the beef.  It's so freakin amazing and you will thank me for years to come.  The burger comes with a house-made thousand island dressing, onions (fresh or grilled), lettuce and tomato... and that's IT.  The bun that it's served on is delish in every way possible.

PS... I really need to start posting pictures on here because I literally just spent 15 minutes drooling over pictures on their website.  You laugh now, but once you've had this burger, you'll find yourself doing the same.

PSS... Clearly, the reunion diet took a little vacay this weekend.  Oops.

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