Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Coupons: Banana Republic, Gap, Old Navy (and Athleta)

Sorry I'm late to the party with this one, but Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy stores (online only) are offering 30% off your entire purchase!  Annnnd get 20% off your entire Athleta purchase.  ENTIRE purchase, meaning sales items too.  It's their kickstart to the holiday season, I'm assuming.

It's a perfect time to buy gifts... gifts for yourself! ;)  30% is amazing when you're looking for a nice new coat or suit for work.  Banana has supercute jewlery too that you'd never pay full price for, so check those out.

Ok, fine.  It's a great time to buy actual gifts too.  I hate that the best sales are during the holidays when you have to be saving or buying for others' gifts.  #sadface

Promo code is GETSTARTED.  So what are you waiting for???  Get started!! :)

PS... Today is the last day of the amazing deal.  Makes you wonder what they will have in store for Black Friday and Cyber Monday....

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