Monday, November 12, 2012

Cookies: A Healthy Disguise

Remember I mentioned that my boyfriend has the appetite and metabolism of a child?  Well, he takes full advantage of his crazy metabolism and eats extremely unhealthy things.  For instance, just yesterday his meals consisted of pizza, fried mozzarella, chips and guacamole, and four cheese pasta.  Being a normal person, my metabolism just cannot keep up.  Trust me, I try, since all those things are so delicious, but I need some greens, whole grains, and fruits thrown in there too.

Shockingly, the bf claims to not like anything green (aside from guacamole, obviously) except peas (major EW).  So, I've tried to disguise healthy (well, healthier) items in our dinners.

Orzo.  My new friend.  My pasta-loving bf claims rice as a side dish is not filling enough.  Since I grew up eating rice daily, it is more than filling for me.  Our middle ground?  Orzo.  Technically a pasta, but resembles large grains of rice.  Disguise #1.  AND you can find it made from white flour or whole-grain flour.  Although you may think carbs are our enemy, orzo is actually low in fat and contains protein and fiber.

As much as I'd love to take credit for this one, I found a great orzo recipe on this cooking blog that I am obsessed with.  It's a 3 cheese orzo and spinach recipe.  Yes, spinach.  Disguise #2.  The bf actually loves this dish... the cheese obviously helps, but I put in less cheese than the recipe actually calls for.  Remember, I have a dress to fit into! ;)

Here's the link to the recipe.  You can serve it as a side dish, or throw in some sort of protein (chicken would probably be best) and serve it as a main dish.  I think asparagus would be great in this as well, but I'll have to work up to that one.  Can't be overly confident in my healthy disguises just yet!

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