Thursday, November 29, 2012

Crunches: It feels good... yeaaahhhhh

I'm sure you've noticed that "cookies" and "coupons" dominate the majority of the my posts so far.  That should speak volumes.

BUT... believe it or not, I actually do workout 5-6 times per week.  Although, you'd never know it by looking at my waistline.  I stick to my usual Pilates Plus classes, and I throw in one or two Barry's Bootcamp classes when I know I desperately need cardio (aka I have rolls when I look in the mirror).  It really is a good mix for my body, but it's good to change it up every so often. #lazyass #iwanttobeskinny #ieattoomuch

Prior to joining Pilates Plus, I used to be an unlimited member at Core Power Yoga (CPY).  It took me awhile to actually try a class because I thought yoga was just stretching and meditation (boring).  These classes are actually pretty intense.  They have a variety of classes, including Yoga Sculpt, which is yoga with weights.  AND the classes are heated so you're sweating all your toxins out.  My favorite classes are Yoga Sculpt and C2, which is a heated Vinyasa flow class.  It's gross to be in the studios when everyone is sweating like crazy, but you feel oh so good after.  Totally worth it... great workout for (wait for the cliche)... your mind, body, and soul. #dontjudge #true

To be an unlimited member, it's actually very affordable.  I was paying the student rate of $99/month.  Thank you, Chapman University for not printing dates on the student ID's. :)  If you're not as fortunate to scheme the student rates, the normal prices aren't too bad either.  They also honor the student rate for seniors (55+). #workthesystem

The only issue I had with CPY was that classes were sooooo crowded.  When everyone is sweating and moving around, it's pretty vomit-worthy when someone accidentally hits your arm with their foot.  Especially if it's a super sweaty dude.  But, the feeling you get after class is again, worth it.  Just try to take classes during non-peak hours.  Evening classes during the week and weekend mornings are usually pretty packed.  I like taking Sunday night class.  It kind of resets your body and gets you ready for that horrible thing called Monday.  Ugh. #crowded #sweaty

OH!  How could I not mention this earlier???  Your first week at CPY is FREEEEEE!!  Unlimited classes, so take advantage of it and see which classes and instructors you like.  It's definitely a nice little perk because what do you have to lose? #freeweek

At times, I definitely miss being a member at CPY, so I'll take a class every so often.  It's a great compliment to any workout regimen... and it feels so good to stretch, relax, recharge, and flow.

See you on the mat... Namaste.

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