Friday, November 9, 2012

Welcome to Cookies, Coupons, and Crunches!

If you are like me, your days are consumed with thoughts of what to make/eat for dinner, when and how you're going to exercise, and how you're going to afford it all.  I am a girl who eats well.  Not right, WELL.  I try to be health conscious every now and then, but let's be honest... it's usually not worth it.  I exercise to stay in shape, not for health reasons.  Duh.  And I'm Asian... so I love coupons, sales, and deals.  Hence, Cookies, Coupons, and Crunches.

Here, I'll share with you tried and true recipes, restaurant suggestions in the Orange County area, great workouts that actually work, and any sales or coupons worth mentioning.

Happy reading....

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